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Monty's Shout box
having trouble logging in - have fun in the raids if i done make it in time
Hey Billy! I know how you feel! This is my last month of Overtime (so they say)! Miss you too and everyone else!
Same for me Zoomius - good night all
Sorry but that is it tonight for me. Trying to reconnect and have 0.01kbps on the connection. Hopefully patch tomorrow fixes
hey guys and gals hows it goin. i will be on sometime in the future. miss you all
FYI: The update appears large. Start ddownloading far in advance of when you intend to be online...
Enjoy the weekend. Who is looking forward to the always exciting Update Monday special event?
Hey everyone - gonna be out of town for the weekend, so I wont be able to make the raids. See you all next week
Sigh "Server full".
That's too bad, Merry. We were ready to run a 3rd abbot for you. Hope you get it fixed soon!
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Our Mission Statement:
   The crew of monty pythons started their show on oct 5th 1969 to have fun. We started the guild on the idea to have fun and where everybody is equal in the guild. just a bunch of friends who enjoy playing together. through some learning experiences over the course of growing the guild to what it is today we have a great bunch of people who are like friends and family. we talk, we joke, we poke fun and we have fun together. our ideology of the guild is to have fun, be nice to people and support eachother, in game and even outside if possible. we are the guild. we make this guild what it is.

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