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Monty's Shout box
Oh Abbot, maybe after for Shroud...
Noticed we don't have a raid planned for4/29/2015 - I was hoping to get a Shroud going (max.LvL 20)
ugh!...raids are forming but Im stuck on cleaning up old connection
Can't get more specific than: (Combat): You were killed by something.
I wonder if we want to postpone the raids Tuesday night in favor of playing with new content?
lol just looked and 9:16 and we are good to go
9:15 and still closed that is 11:15 est
ETA is now 11pm eastern. Night all.
Yes, I confess, I broke DDO. I'm sorry. It said to be patient and I wasn't.
Okay, which one of you pulled the plug?
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Our Mission Statement:
   The crew of monty pythons started their show on oct 5th 1969 to have fun. We started the guild on the idea to have fun and where everybody is equal in the guild. just a bunch of friends who enjoy playing together. through some learning experiences over the course of growing the guild to what it is today we have a great bunch of people who are like friends and family. we talk, we joke, we poke fun and we have fun together. our ideology of the guild is to have fun, be nice to people and support eachother, in game and even outside if possible. we are the guild. we make this guild what it is.

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